Lightworks Video Editor Download Free

For over 25 years, the LightWorks editor has been at the forefront of film editing, being used in many of the best films in movie history: Wolf of Wall Street, LA Confident, Pulp Fiction, Heat, Road to Perdition, Hugo, The King’s Speech and more!

Now with the release of Lightworks v14.5, we have created a complete video creative package so that everyone can create videos that stand out from the crowd.

Amazing features Of Lightworks Video Editor

  • Simple & intuitive User Interface
  • Access amazing royalty-free audio & video content
  • Easy timeline editing & trimming
  • Lo-Res Proxy workflows for 4K
  • Real-time ready to use audio & video FX
  • Export video for YouTube/Vimeo, SD/HD, up to 4K
  • Wide file format support including variable frame rate media
  • Grade your sequence professionally utilizing up to 32bit GPU precision and histogram tool

You start by creating a project and setting a frame rate for the finished video – maybe 30fps or 60fps. You are ready to work after that. Lightworks lets you record video directly from the camera and import existing clips (both audio and video).

Once all your resources are in place, you can start adding them to your timeline to create your first cut. It may look intimidating at first, but once you spend some time in exams it is intuitive to wonder.

Lightworks is packed with advanced realtime effects to help you perfect your video with color correction, blurs, and masks. There are a few preset effects or you can create your own.

The professional version of Lightworks was used to edit box office hits including Shutter Island, Pulp Fiction, The Farewell, 20 Days Later, and Mission Impossible. It’s your turn.

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