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Best Free Antivirus Software in 2020

In this article, you will find the best free antivirus to protecting your PC or Laptop.

Windows Defender is improving, but you should still not rely on Windows 10’s security tools as your only means of protection. Many free third-party security applications are more effective at keeping you safe.

One of the best ways to prevent malware from getting infected on your computer and keep it in your system (or remove them all at once) is to use a great anti-virus application.

The best free, anti-virus software is Bitdefender’s free version, with minimal designs and features that go beyond ordinary malware management.

If you are looking for other free anti-virus options to suit your specific cybersecurity needs, scroll to check out our other picks for the best free anti-malware software.

At a glance: The best free antivirus software

Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition

best free antivirus

Bitdefender Free Edition creates a minimal design that makes it less maintenance. Although the application does not feature any kind of configuration, it automatically scans your machine using cloud-based detection, and later, if any malicious software or red flags come in, it scans more deeply.

Avast Free

best free antivirus

In terms of basic security, Avast is one of the best antivirus programs available. It received one of the highest scores on the latest AV test safety test. Avast’s latest free antivirus suite is an impressive package.

Aside from common virus and malware protection with anti-rootkit and anti-spyware capabilities, the software comes with a few customizable options that you can toggle during installation, including Avast Mobile Security and antivirus protecting your Android devices.

AVG Antivirus Free

best free antivirus

AVG has two major selling points. First, its impressively wide reach: the software will not only detect viruses and malware but will also help to block suspicious links, prevent suspicious downloads and prevent suspicious email attachments from being used. This makes the app a better choice for families or older users on a budget.

The second advantage is Avg’s connectivity with Google platforms: it has a better Android download and it can work well in Chrome. The free version scans for performance issues to see if you can speed up your PC set.

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Free

best free antivirus

Malwarebytes offers some of the best virus-removal software available, often making it one of the first major source of information for tech companies and support groups. The options are divided into four modules.

Anti-malware protects and removes malware from automated scans, while anti-ransomware helps protect files from ransomware attacks. Malicious website protection protects you from fake or malicious sites, Anti-Exploration helps protect you from any known vulnerabilities discovered in your system or applications.

Avira Free Antivirus

best free antivirus

In one click, get everything you need for a secure, personal and fast digital life. This next-gen cybersecurity software reduces the complexity of online security for a simple, smart click.

Now you can benefit from integrated antivirus scanners, VPNs, password management, a complete set of tune-up tools and more – all powered by PushBoot. And with our Privacy Design Guarantee, make sure your data is safe with us; We will never sell it.

Panda Free Antivirus

best free antivirus

After a straightforward installation, Panda Antivirus asked that we activate it, which basically means providing an email to create a free Panda account or logging into one you already have.

It’s not unusual – companies like Bitdefender and Kaspersky do something similar – but Avast, Avira, and a few others are allowed to use their software without giving any personal details.

Kaspersky Free Antivirus

Kaspersky Antivirus uses the same detection engine as the company’s respected commercial products, which puts it among the best performing anti-malware tools around.

During installation, you are asked to agree or deselect the suggested settings, which will automatically remove malicious tools, adware, auto-dialers, and suspicious packages, and detect other software that can be used by criminals to harm your computer or data. You can change these settings at any time

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