Samsung TV Firmware Update – 1.11.4 (October 21, 2018)

Samsung’s TVOS 2.0 firmware update includes many bug fixes and performance improvements, and Samsung has now released a new version 1.10.4 firmware update.

The new update brings the software update to Samsung’s tvOS 2 platform.

Samsung says it is working to fix some issues that have been reported, but it is not yet ready to release the new firmware update for the Samsung TV. 

The company has released the update on a separate page for the company’s users.

The full list of fixes and improvements included in the update is as follows:Improved camera quality for HDR video, including improved dynamic range, HDR image compression, and better image resolution (up to 2048 x 1536).

Improved image processing for HDR videos.

Improved HDR performance for HDR images.

Improved video stabilization in HDR videos (up from 60 fps).

Improved HDR image processing in HDR video.

Improved performance for HD video in HDR.

Improved image quality in HDR (up, up, up).

Improved video image stabilization in HD video (up).

Improved resolution for HD videos ( up to 2048×1536 ).

Improved image compression for HD media in HDR, including more detailed compression.

Improved resolution in HD videos for HD (up) .

Improved HDR video compression in HDR for HDR content.

Improved HD video quality in HD ( up ) .

Improved audio in HD content (up), including enhanced audio, more dynamic range and more bass.

Improved audio for HDR ( up ).

Improved video playback in HDR content ( up ), including more detail and improved sound, more high-end audio and audio-to-video conversion.

Improved the quality of HDR video playback.

Improved picture quality for HD content in HDR and HD video. 

Improved image stabilization for HDR and video in HD.

Improved compression in HD and HD videos.

Fixed an issue with the image quality of videos with the Samsung HDR+ app. 

Fixed an instance where the “Open in New Tab” option was not functioning properly when opening a new tab. 

 Improved the video quality of HD video and video-in-picture content in HD for HDR, and video for HDR.

Fixed a rare issue with HDR video in a video.

Fixed a rare instance of a video not playing.

Fixed audio and video quality issues for HDR audio and HD audio.

Fixed playback of HDR content that was being played from a different device.

Fixed issue where the camera would appear to have no focus when looking at an object in HDR or video.

Fixed display problems with HDR content in the Samsung app.

Fixed video playback issues in the Samsung app when using a USB thumb drive connected to a Samsung TV (including in a mobile browser).

Fixed video quality problems with HD video when playing HDR content on a Samsung device.

Improved sound when playing HD content.

Fixed some display issues when watching HDR video from a Samsung app in a browser.

Fixed the “New Tab” function to show the latest tab on the TV.

Fixed image compression to reduce some visual noise and to reduce file size.

Fixed several issues that caused the Samsung device to show an incorrect amount of icons in the list of icons for some apps and services.

Improved stability and performance for the HD video playback when using an external display.

Improved motion clarity and sharpness when watching HD video from an external device. 

Samsung says it has fixed all issues reported in the new update.

Updated October 18, 2018 9:17am

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