Why are you buying a Raspberry Pi with firmware instead of the driver?

Updated August 10, 2018 11:00:18A Raspberry Pi board with no drivers is not a cheap investment.

At around $30, the Pi can only be bought with a pre-installed version of the popular open source firmware and you need to spend $15-$20 to get a proper driver.

But the Raspberry Pi Foundation’s newest firmware update has now released, and it’s a great upgrade.

“We’re now getting the latest Raspberry Pi software, including firmware and drivers, which is a fantastic update that will make our devices even more reliable and easy to use,” said the Raspberry PI Foundation’s director of product management, John Dallal.

The new update comes as the Pi is getting ready to ship to the public.

A lot of companies have already been testing their new products with the Raspberry Pis, but the new update will help developers who are using the Pi and have trouble getting the drivers to work.

Raspberry Pi’s first update was released in March, but that didn’t include drivers, and many of the hardware components in the Pi were still under development. 

After a year of testing, it was only after several weeks of testing that the Raspberry pi was released with its own drivers.

With this update, the Raspberry has finally made good on its promise to developers to have their software work on its new hardware.

The Raspberry Pi foundation also announced that it will also start shipping the latest version of its operating system to developers in October. 

“Raspberry Pis have always been a powerful piece of hardware, but with the introduction of the new Raspberry Pi 2, we’ve made great strides to make the platform even more useful,” said David Smith, Raspberry Pi project manager at Raspberry Pi.

“We’ve now released an update that brings the most up-to-date version of our operating system, as well as the latest drivers for the RaspberryPi.” RSS Feeds:

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